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What is Unani-Tibb?

It is important, when addressing the health issues of an individual, to study the Patient as a whole individual and not to focus on one specific symptom.

Tibb Natural Health is a wholistically integrated healthcare service specialising in the Unani-Tibb tradition of medicine and associated therapies to help re-balance the complete health of the individual.

The Unani-Tibb Practitioner will assess your diet, lifestyle, medical history, current medication, condition – including pulse and tongue assessment – and symptoms to help determine the root cause of your health issue in relation to your individual temperament/constitution.

From that assessment an individual Health Improvement Plan will be designed, for you as a unique individual presenting certain types of symptoms, featuring dietary/supplement and lifestyle recommendations, perhaps manual therapy recommendations i.e. cupping/colonic hydrotherapy and if necessary a herbal prescription, to help you towards your individual optimum health.

Unani-Tibb is a traditional system of medicine based on the teachings of Hippocrates (known as the Father of Western medicine), Galen (1st century prominent Greek physician and surgeon) and Ibn Sina (Avicenna – regarded as one of the most significant thinkers and writers in medicine and author of the most comprehensive medical text written – The Canon of Medicine).

From the teachings of Unani-Tibb, we learn that as individuals we must look after ourselves according to our temperaments (mizaj), or constitution, aiming to keep our bodies in a state of balance and in doing so we are more able to counter the effects of disease.

What Is The Temperament (Mizaj)?

Each individual is made up of a complex and unique balance of humours (blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile). This delicate balance affects the individual on 4 levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. It also affects the individual’s predisposition to particular dis-ease.

It follows that, when thrown out of balance due to our lifestyles, our bodies will be in pain and/or develop a variety of ailments/diseases.

Since every person reacts differently and has a unique temperament, an individual’s health must be assessed and addressed by the Practitioner, wholistically, in terms of the six lifestyle factors.

Six Lifestyle Factors

6 Factors Elements
Food & Drink

Digestion & Elimination

Environment Air & Breathing

Movement & Rest

Sleep & Wakefulness


Tibb considers food to be the best medicine. Hippocrates is known to have said, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food’.

Poor digestion and elimination puts strain on the body and causes an accumulation of toxins. Alternatively, excessive elimination will drain the body.

The air we breath affects us daily and so the purer the air the better. In addition to this, whether or not we are breathing correctly will also affect us.

Controlled, regular and suitable physical exercise is vital in maintaining good health. Exercise should be chosen based on the suitability for the individual’s body type and needs.

Our bodies recover from daily stresses during sleep. It is a time for repairing, strengthening, rejuvenating and healing.  As with all things, balance is important. Individual’s needs vary, too much sleep can also be harmful.

Studies have shown that our emotional state impacts directly on our health. Unani Tibb helps us understand how to recognise and moderate the impact of emotional imbalance.

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