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Unani-Tibb Consultation (First Appointment)

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Product Description

The Unani-Tibb Practitioner will assess your diet, lifestyle, medical history, current medication, condition – including pulse and tongue assessment – and symptoms to help determine the root cause of your health issue in relation to your individual temperament/constitution.

From that assessment an individual Health Improvement Plan will be designed, for you as a unique individual presenting certain types of symptoms, featuring dietary/supplement and lifestyle recommendations, perhaps manual therapy recommendations i.e. cupping/colonic hydrotherapy and if necessary a herbal prescription, to help you towards your individual optimum health.

55 minute consultation including:

Medical history review

Assessment of condition in relation to individual temperament (mizaj)

Nutritional Profiling

Pulse Assessment


Comprehensive Individual Health Improvement Plan

Nutritional Recommendations

Lifestyle Recommendations

Although herbal medicine is not always necessary, it is important to note that, if required, the cost of the herbal prescription is not included in the consultation fee. Typically, a herbal prescription will cost between £1-£3 per day. Improvement of a condition is usually seen within 1-3 months of treatment, depending on the depth of the original complaint. However, prescriptions may be necessary for longer – depending on the individual’s commitment to adopting the dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

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