• Scalp care to soothe and control an itchy, flaky scalp.
  • (as Citrate)
    • Supplied in the form of citrate as this is known to be easily absorbed
    • Some nutritionists consider this form to be less likely to cause constipation than the more common ferrous sulphate
    • Low iron intakes are surprisingly common in the UK
    • Iron is known to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
    • We highly recommend that any adult, particularly women of menstruating age, who eat a vegetarian diet, or very little red meat, should consider adding an iron supplement to their daily regime
    • Suitable for vegetarians
    Contents: 100 Tablets
    Product Code: 8243
  • High potency one-a-day formula suitable for all adults

    • Coined the 'practitioners multi' since just one tablet a day can resolve 24 different dietary deficiencies
    • A broad spectrum of trace minerals, all present at relevant levels
    • Few, if any, multivitamin and mineral products have such a broad spectrum of trace minerals at such relevant levels even though research shows these nutrients are as important, and essential, as vitamins
    • Excellent levels of the B vitamins that are needed for releasing energy from food
    • Good levels of the antioxidant nutrients, vitamins C and E, plus a full 200µg of the mineral selenium
    • Plus a full 50mg of ORAC blend which provides an impressive 625 ORAC super-antioxidant units
    Contents: 90 Tablets
    Product code: 8442