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1st Annual Seminar, May 11th – 18th 2017

Brought together traditional & complementary medicines & therapies, providing a truly holistic healthcare service for all.


Pendle Community Radio with Hakim M Salim Khan & Ainsley Macadam

Awaz 103.1FM

Hakim M Salim Khan & Ainsley Macadam joined Shakil Salam as guests on his weekly Health Show to discuss Unani-Tibb traditional medicine and the upcoming Health Matters event.

Book Signing

Hakim M Salim Khan – author of ‘An Introduction to Islamic Medicine’ – signed copies of the latest edition of his book and chatted with local residents.

‘Life Balance & Healthy Living’ – 5 day course, with Hakim M Salim Khan

Life Balance & Healthy Living is one of the most popular and well-reviewed programmes. It has been running in UK successfully, for years, and is now being made available worldwide.

This intensive and comprehensive program was available for all to provide an insight into traditional medicine and to help establish positive health habits.

‘Unani Tibb – Traditional Medicine for Today’s Diseases’

A rare discourse with Hakim M. Salim Khan

This was a rare opportunity to hear Hakim M Salim Khan present an insight into the growing need for Unani Tibb medicine – the holistic traditional system of medicine –  in a world of increasing stress related disease (diabetes, obesity, addiction, heart disease) and mental health issues (depression, paranoia).

In support of the 1st annual Health Matters event Hakim Salim kindly welcomed guests to this talk free-of-charge.

A special Guest Clinic – Unani-Tibb Consultation with Hakim M. Salim Khan

Hakim Salim visited us from his long established clinic in Leicester.

Were You Ready For Ramadhan? – Health Tips & Guidance to Help You Have a Successful and Peaceful Ramadhan

Free advice and information was available.




Hakim M Salim Khan

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Ainsley Macadam