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Before booking an appointment please discuss your health requirements with your local Unani-Tibb Practitioner.


A manual therapy used as part of the Unani-Tibb tradition of medicine to help treat a variety of conditions i.e. acute musculo-skeletal issues and chronic health complaints.

A combination of wet/dry cupping and massage mobilises the blood flow and lymphatic drainage to promote healing and detoxification.

Cupping helps relieve tension, pain and improves mobility and is used to support the immune system.

50 minute session including:

Unani-Tibb assessment (to determine the best course of treatment)

Health Check

Cupping massage

Dry cupping and, where health permits, hijama/wet cupping

Safety First

All Patients are assured of a professional and safe treatment adhering to all Health & Safety and legal requirements for invasive procedure. 

All treatments are performed in a clinical setting by fully qualified, registered and insured Health Professionals using:

  • Single-use, disposable, hygienic, plastic cups
  • Single-use, disposable, hygienic, surgical steel blade (hijama/wet cupping only)
  • Antiseptic

Each Patient:

  • undergoes a  Unani-Tibb assessment to determine the best course of treatment.
  • has a Health Check
  • receives a Comprehensive Treatment Plan and Aftercare Advice.

Each Patient is treated as an individual and is given the time they need to discuss their health.

Individual treatment for individual health!

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