The practice of Hijama (derived from ‘al-hajm’ meaning vacuum) is traced back to the ancient Persians, Egyptians, Chinese and even Vikings!

Cupping/hijama is a manual therapy used as part of traditional medicine i.e. Unani-Tibb to treat illness and injury.

Cupping involves a localised vacuum pressure being exerted on the required points of the body which;

  • mobilises blood circulation
  • introduces nutrients and oxygen
  • improves lymph flow
  • encourages venous drainage
  • reduces the build up of stagnant materials and toxic matter
  • reduces inflammation and swelling
  • promotes healing and detoxification.

Through the application of small scratches or pin pricks over the areas where the suction is applied, the treatment allows the relatively immediate release and removal of stagnant blood, toxins, inflammation and thereby reduces swellings.

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