Service: Tibb Natural Health assures all Patients and customers of a professional, exemplary service which is supported by our customer satisfaction reviews. In the interests of Patient care, Tibb Natural Health refuses to undertake any treatment without there first having been a  health assessment carried out. Tibb Natural Health will only offer Patients appropriate treatment and reserves the right to refuse treatment as necessary.

Quality: All Tibb Natural Health retailed products are carefully selected for their effectiveness. Prescription herbal medications are hand-prepared by our qualified Unani-Tibb herbalist, specifically for the individual’s needs.

Patients: All Patients are treated confidentially and with respect. At Tibb Natural Health our primary concern is the Patient and their individual needs, so, we can focus on delivering the treatment each person deserves and expects.

Children and Vulnerable Adults: Cases will be assessed on their own merit. Children and vulnerable adults will not be treated without the presence of a parent/guardian or responsible adult. Some treatment will only proceed following liaison with the Patient’s G.P. and in some cases treatment may be refused.

Hygiene: Tibb Natural Health assures the Patient of exacting clinical hygiene standards at all times and of 100% single use cupping/hijama equipment. Tibb Natural Health is registered with local authorities for the responsible and safe disposal of all clinical waste.

Data: In line with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and 2003, all personal data is securely stored and is not sold on or traded with third parties.

Staff: We provide a safe working environment for our staff. At no time will inappropriate behaviour towards staff members be tolerated.

Health & Safety: Tibb Natural Health maintains a comprehensive Health & Safety Policy to safeguard Patients, Visitors and Employees.

Environment: It is Company policy to encourage and, as far as is reasonably practicable – bearing in mind all stringent hygiene protocol – to ensure the safeguarding of the environment.

Complaints: We, at Tibb Natural Health, work to maintain a consistently high standard of service in all areas. If, for any reason, a Patient/customer feels we have fallen short of delivering that service, we welcome the opportunity to review and improve – please let us know.